Sumi banner (detail from an image), Copyright Kate BrookeKate Brooke, Opossum Track Press

Robin on nest, Copyright 2011 Kate Brooke

Most days you are likely to spot me out walking, dog at my side. On average we log twenty-five miles each week. A poet friend was aghast when she heard how much walking and dog training I do: How do you find the time! was her response. For me, the question is, how not? On my walks I might discover polyphemus moths on a rainy sidewalk beneath an oak, or I might spot a young Great Horned Owl being harrassed by grackels and jays. I might find a wheel bug near the playground and transport the odd creature with its legendary bite far from where kids play. During my walks I feel the wind quartering, and sometimes I am soaked by the rain. I watch the flickers with their white rump patches and listen for the catbird trying to fool me from deep in a bush. I wave greetings to familiar human faces on the trails. Each day, January or June, I am struck by the beauty in trees and skies or in the footprints of a raccoon next to the sidewalk in a low, wet area. These are the prompts from which I work: the content, textures, patterns, and discoveries that give me reason to put ink onto paper.

Female and male polyphemus moths, the male with tattered wings.  Copyright 2011 Kate Brooke.
Above: polyphemus Moths. The male's wings are in shreds, but still he flew away when released the following morning. Below is a caterpillar from their mating.

Polypheums moth caterpillar.  Copyright 2011 Kate Brooke.

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Copyright 2011 Kate Brooke
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